As of 1 January 2016, the secretariat of The Cultural Schoolbag was merged with Concerts Norway to create the new agency responsible for TCS: Kulturtanken – Arts for Young Audiences Norway. All enquiries that would previously have been directed to the secretariat should now go to Kulturtanken, tel. +47 22 02 59 00 or; also see for the contact details of employees.

If you are a performer who would like to go on tour with a TCS production, you can find more information here.

You can also contact the TCS office at your county council or municipality. Some municipalities, which have complete responsibility for their own TCS programmes, are known as “100% municipalities”.

Here is a list of all of the county councils and 100% municipalities:

AKERSHUS - Kontaktinfo her

AUST-AGDER Kontaktinfo her

BUSKERUD - Kontaktinfo her

FINNMARK Kontaktinfo her

HEDMARK - Kontaktinfo her

HORDALAND - Kontaktinfo her

MØRE OG ROMSDAL - Kontaktinfo her

NORDLAND - Kontaktinfo her

NORD-TRØNDELAG - Kontaktinfo her

OPPLAND - Kontaktinfo her

OSLO - Kontaktinfo her

ROGALAND - Kontaktinfo her

SOGN OG FJORDANE - Kontaktinfo her

SØR-TRØNDELAG - Kontaktinfo her

TELEMARK - Kontaktinfo her 

TROMS - Kontaktinfo her

VESTFOLD - Kontaktinfo her

VEST-AGDER - Kontaktinfo her

ØSTFOLD - Kontaktinfo her


 ALTA - Kontaktinfo her

ASKER - Kontaktinfo her

BERGEN - Kontaktinfo her

BODØ - Kontaktinfo her

BÆRUM - Kontaktinfo her

EIDSVOLL - Kontaktinfo her

KARMØY - Kontaktinfo her

LØRENSKOG - Kontaktinfo her

STAVANGER - Kontatinfo her

TROMSØ - Konatktinfo her

TRONDHEIM - Kontkatinfo her

ÅS - Kontaktinfo her